Statement of Principles

Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights are patient-focused advocates for reproductive healthcare in the post-Roe era. 

  • Our mission is to ensure patients have access to safe, legal, equitable, and comprehensive reproductive medical care for all Ohioans and to protect the doctor-patient relationship from government interference, so that people can make their own reproductive health care decisions. 
  • We strive to unify, inform, and mobilize physicians so that our voice is heard and considered within the movement to secure access to abortion for all Ohioans.
  • We are a physician-to-physician network that facilitates and coordinates communication, education and advocacy efforts within the medical community and related professions. 
  • We function as a conduit for information that enables frontline physicians to share their real-world experiences with other practitioners, the media, the public, and policy makers. 
  • We encourage and empower physicians and patients to participate in a wide range of activities that will result in legal and cultural change. 
  • We serve as the trusted, reputable, and approachable public face of physicians who believe that reproductive rights are inseparable from human rights.

For more information, visit or contact Lauren Beene at

We invite you to learn more about and join us in the fight for reproductive freedom.