Patient Bill of Rights

I expect my doctor to always:

  1. Know that I MATTER. My choice matters.
  2. Understand that having control over my reproductive choices is essential for my health and well-being.
  3. Respect that I don’t always need to give an explanation for my choices.
  4. Recognize that my prior experiences with the healthcare system may make it difficult for me to be trusting of doctors and healthcare workers.
  5. Offer equitable, evidence-based, and compassionate care, independent of personal political and religious beliefs.
  6. Defend my privacy and fight to protect our relationship from government interference.
  7. Advocate for me, especially when my access to medical care is threatened.
  8. Understand that my mental health is essential in discussions regarding my reproductive medical care.
  9. Trust that I know what is best for my body and mind.

We invite you to learn more about and join us in the fight for reproductive freedom.