Ohio Abortion Access: Protected!

Reproductive Freedom Amendment Passed

In the 2023 November elections, the Reproductive Freedom Amendment passed 57% – 43%, marking a significant victory for OPRR and reproductive rights in Ohio. This success set a precedent for future reproductive rights and abortion movements in the state and across the country. 

The campaign to pass the Reproductive Freedom Amendment, Issue 1, faced significant legal, political, and communications challenges. Through attempts to manipulate the amendment’s ballot language, a controversial special election aimed at changing the rules for passing constitutional amendments, and rampant disinformation, OPRR and its partners remained steadfast.

About OPRR

Formed by medical professionals committed to safeguarding their patients’ well-being and preserving the sanctity of medical practice, OPRR emerged as a leader in the fight for reproductive rights. Their mission was clear and pressing: to champion a non-partisan, citizen-initiated constitutional amendment and ensure its place on the ballot in 2023. The campaign spearheaded by OPRR was not just a response to the Dobbs ruling but a stand against the encroachment of the government on fundamental healthcare decisions and the need to stand up for patient rights.

OPRR has shifted from campaign leaders to advocates who bring their medical expertise to ongoing battles in the General Assembly and the courts, while also supporting candidates who support reproductive rights and ballot issues. 


Ballot Initiative Work


Over 4,000 doctors and healthcare professionals have joined together to pass The Reproductive Freedom Amendment in Ohio.

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